The Rollright Stones app

Hello everyone!

My name is Cristina Mosconi and I am a postgraduate student of Archaeology for Screen Media at University of Bristol. As part of my dissertation, I have developed a tour guide app for the Rollright Stones.

The app has been designed as a new interpretative tool for the site. It contains lots of information about the archaeology, history and folklore of the site, as well as extra new insights for each monument of the Stones, like pictures of the finds from the excavation, comparative plans of the monument with similar in the UK and special audio guide with the archaeologist that lead the excavation of the site.

The aim of the app is offer to all the visitors of the Rollright Stones a new and easy way to explore and know more about the site with more fun than ever. The app is not geo-located so you can download it on your phone and play it whenever you are, that means you can have a look at it and listen to the audio tour while having a cup of tea at home!

Plus, you can have access to all the new contents I will add to the app, simply updating the app before playing it.

At this stage, the app is still in its testing phase and it is conceived to be my dissertation project, but if this prototype will receive a warm welcome by the visitors, it will be possible to formalize the app as permanent reality for the Rollright Stones.

For my study purpose, I will appreciate every comment you have about the app, so if you have tried it please leave a feedback on this page.

Enjoy it!

How to download the app

Step 1: Download & Install the the AppFurnace Player from the Apple or Android app store. It's free!
Step 2: Load AppFurnace Player, and click the + icon.
Step 3: Type in the URL and hit download.
Step 4: When it has downloaded, tap the entry in the list and press PLAY.

Updating your Preview
Once you've downloaded the Preview onto your phone, just hit the "Update" button on the app screen in the AppFurnace Player to update your app with new contents!

App feedback

Although this is only the first release we'd welcome any feedback you have.

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