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And Down Came The Fog
Halloween/Samhain 97 at the Rollrights by Peter Edwards

A Summer Solstice at the Rollright Stones
A True Story This is a true story which happened to my friend Virginia and to me.

A Stone Poem
by Ken Bearman

Of rock, hewn warriors
What battles have you seen?
The lichen covers scars
Which once had never been.
Crag faced, weather wrought,
From mighty stones you were;
Now a pale reflection,
Standing, quiet, demure.
A scorched spot tells the story
Of rituals you have seen,
Powerful conductors
May you bright and blessed be.

© Ken J. Bearman 1995ce

A Magical Evening
The Rollright Stones and Astrology

A Place of Healing
An article by Beulah Garcin, Vice-President of the British Society of Dowsers

A Life in the Day of the Stones
An article by Emma H

A Message Received from the Stones

I, Me, We see you.
There is no Danger.
Dragon planted in Time
And Earth and Magic.
For all Eternity,
In the Whole.
Now we are Angels

This Strange, Evocative Site
An article by Martin Palmer, Director of the Sacred Land Project

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