A Magical Evening

The Rollright Stones and Astrology

I visited the Rollrights for the first time in the late 1970’s. I was with a group of Healers under the guidance of Bruce MacManaway and we were dowsing the energies of the place. It was a magical evening. As the sun went down I felt that I detected an input of energy coming from the King Stone across the road, entering the Circle and increasing in a sevenfold spiral to the centre, whence it was distributed to the surrounding countryside.

Before we left in the oncoming dusk, I sensed that the stones were in groups rather than standing as individuals, and felt that there were twelve such groups. As I had recently started to study Astrology I dowsed to find the groups relating to Libra and Scorpio, my and my husband’s Sun signs, and then it was time to leave. On returning to my books I found that I had detected these in clockwise order, rather than anti-clockwise as they would appear on a horoscope. So I put my observation in a pending tray of hypotheses, awaiting further developments.

In 1980 I returned to the site on a similar group exercise and re-dowsed the stones as groups relating to the signs of the Zodiac. By this time I was qualifying in psychological astrology and felt confident about the identity of the signs. I noticed that various members of the group were drawn to various stones, and were leaning against them in a meditative state. I was able to correlate their position with their horoscopes in some cases later. The energy came in at the beginning of Aries, and went round in reverse order to the horoscope. The Rollrights seemed to be a Terrestial Zodiac rather than a Celestial one - very different from the Glastonbury Zodiac (on which we now live) which imprints a Celestial Zodiac on the ground.

In 1983 various circumstances led us to contain a powerful energy in our garden in Camberley, Surrey, by building a small Stone Circle. By that time we had visited California and been offered some insights by a Native American medicine man called Harley Swift Deer about medicine wheels. The circle we built incorporated his structure, the mechanism of the Rollrights, and the principle of the Terrestial Zodiac. It rapidly became a powerful tool for healing in the hands of the groups we were running at the time. We had to leave there in 1984, and closed down the sacred space with considerable care.

Our move to Somerset opened up many more avenues for healing, and we have built another Stone Circle here on different principles. We shall be forever grateful for the insights gained at the Rollrights, which encouraged us along our path of working intensively for clients on the spiritual healing of earth energies.

Ann Procter - Psychological Astrologer and Psychotherapist

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