A Place of Healing

An article by Beulah Garcin, Vice-President of the British Society of Dowsers

The progression from myths and legends of the supernatural in regard to Rollright, through the purely physical aspect of its stones and their erection, on to the archaeological and astronomical and into the subtler energies of sonics, radiation and magnetism, leads almost full circle back to the still more subtle “earth energies”, leys which may have found their expression symbolically in the early folklore.

Dowsers have worked on the Rollright site looking at water flows and earth energy lines. There seems to be a line or flow of communication between at least two sets of stones in the Circle. One at the tallest stone and the one directly opposite and the other line at the “gateway” where the stones overlap. It was shown that a dowser on one end of an energy line could transmit dowsing reactions accurately to another dowser with no visual communication between them.

Critical times at the Stones are sunrise, noon and sunset - dowsed energy levels at these times correlate with the energy fluctuations monitored on ultrasonic instruments and Geiger counters.

The Circle has been damaged by the removal of some stones and the re-siting of others and so, from a dowsing angle, no longer functions as it would when first erected, but one constant remains. There are a series of concentric rings, seven in all, which can be dowsed by crossing the Circle’s diameter, starting at any stone - a fascinating exercise for anyone new to dowsing.

My own experience of time spent at the Rollrights is one of healing. Many minor ailments have cleared up after the time spent at the Circle. Others too have commented on the healing qualities to be found there, not only of physical ailments but also of tensions and headaches disappearing, leaving a sense of tranquility and of oneness with the world - a feeling of unity.

Abridged from an article in the Journal of the British Society of Dowsers, Volume 32, Number 218. © Beulah Garcin and The British Society of Dowsers, June 1997

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