Booking the Rollright Stone Circle

The Rollright Trust is pleased to allow a variety of privately organised uses and events at the site on the following principles:

  1. All activities should respect the fabric and amenity of the site and not unduly impede its enjoyment by others.
  2. Activities may include, but are not necessarily restricted to, semi-private access for

    • personal ceremonies or parties connected with namings, birthdays, handfastings, wedding celebrations, wakes etc (NB as an open air site we are not licensed for formal marriage ceremonies)
    • regular group religious use and seasonal celebrations e.g. to mark pagan festivals
    • communal use of the site that serves local needs such as dramatic productions, art or sculpture, musical events, educational activities and astronomy
    • use as a location for filming and TV (news, education or drama)
  3. All such uses and events may only proceed with the express consent of the Rollright Trust and the site must be booked in advance.
  4. All users will be required to abide by standing conditions of use which include issues concerning health and safety precautions, insurance, and where relevant, obtaining licences for entertainment and/or sale of alcohol (see below).
  5. Only legal activities will be permitted at the sole discretion of the Rollright Trust in accordance with our schedule of standard conditions of use which is applicable to all users.
  6. The Trust charges standard fee rates for the use of the site for a variety of typical semi-private events.  Otherwise it operates a flexible charging policy for negotiating fees for one-off uses, and where uses are for charitable purposes (especially within the local community) this may include waiving all fees.
  7. How to book the site for your event

    You will need to decide the basis upon which you want to use the site. The different bookings types are described in the document below ‘Rollright Access Terms’.
    If you wish to book the site for a standard semi-private event (eg a celebration, handfasting or small religious gathering) please email us to check availability of dates, then complete and return the two forms downloadable below (To do this save a copy to your own computer, complete the relevant sections, then attach them to an email and sent to us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).  For other uses please email us to explain what you want to do and we will get back to you by email.

    The downloadable files provided at the bottom of this page are:

    • Rollright Access Terms This describes the standard conditions of use and the types of booking available.
    • Rollright Application for Access form A booking form (including fee rates) for standard semi-private events.
    • Rollright HS Risk Assessment form A proforma health and safety checklist for small events and uses.

    Event application & conditions checklist

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