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The Objectives of the Rollright Trust (Registered Charity No.1068450)

* to protect and conserve the Rollright Stones and their environment in a manner that promotes their long term physical preservation.

* to facilitate and ensure public access for quiet enjoyment of the site in a manner which seeks to avoid inappropriate commercialisation and development.

* to facilitate and promote research and educational activities relating to the Rollright Stones and their environment.

* to acquire, or seek agreement on the management of land adjacent to the Rollright Stones, so as to facilitate conservation and access and to improve the environment of the site.

* to permit the reasonable use of the site for small private gatherings (religious, cultural or otherwise), provided that such gatherings do not conflict with the objectives of the Trust, and in particular do not cause a nuisance to others or damage to the site.

* to promote the conservation of megalithic and other sites and monuments adjacent to the Rollright Stones or elsewhere and of their environment, by acquisition or otherwise; and to facilitate and promote research and educational activities relating to such sites and monuments and their environment.

* to make donations of surplus revenue for other charitable purposes, priority to be given to charitable causes with a long-standing connection with the Rollright Stones.

Address for correspondence – The Rollright Trust, c/o Picketts Heath, The Ridgeway, Boars Hill, Oxford, OX15EZ.
Registered Office – The Rollright Trust, Suite 3 Arden Court, Arden Street, Stratford upon Avon CV37 6NT

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