Filming Father Brown at the King’s Men (Image: BBC)

Mark Rylance talks to Melvyn Bragg

In 2014 Melvyn Bragg conducted a major interview with Mark Rylance who is a patron of the Rollright Trust for the South Bank Show.  For part of their converstaion, they came to the Stones where Mark explained the important role the site has played in his thinking about use of space in drama and the special influnces such places have.  He recalled his dramatic production of the Tempest in 1992 as one of his formative experiences as a director.  Mark has since won great acclaim for his leading role in Wolf Hall and winning a best supporting actor Osacar for his part in 'Bridge of Spies' 

Filming Father Brown at the King’s Men (image courtesy of BBC)

Filming Father Brown

In the autumn 2014 the BBC set up camp at the Rollright Stones and in the field adjoining the King Stone field.  They were there to film an episode of the television period drama, Father Brown.

View of the night sky from the Kings men stone circle

Dark Sky Status

In December 2014 the quality of the night skies visible from the Rollright Stones were officially recognised when they became part of the growing number of national public sites being awarded the coveted title of 'Dark Sky Discovery'. 

The Witch (image courtesy of Ragged Robin)

The Rollright Stones Witch

In 2012, inspired by the legend of the witch and the King, the environmental artist David Gosling created a wooden sculpture of a witch.