To all of our valued visitors to the Rollright Stone monuments.

With the present risk of the dreadful Corona 19 virus being transmitted we would urge all of our friends that visit the Rollright Stones to excercise caution and common sense at all times. Following government guidelines and to minimise any risk to yourselves we would recommend that the following key points are taken into consideration during your visit.

  • Please respect all other visitors to the site and avoid any close contact or enclosed groups.
  • Refrain from picking up anything with bare hands including brances, twigs etc.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly as soon as possible after your visit.
  • Please take your rubbish home.

Despite the unprecedented current situation we hope that it does not spoil your visit to the monuments. For more information please email

We'll update this page as and when the situation changes.

Last updated Friday 20th March 2020.