• Electronic or paper archive records are only kept so long as relevant for legal or fiscal reasons and period.
  • Old records are destroyed when no longer needed.
  • No personal information is shared with anyone outside the Trust Board.
  • If you need to submit a SAR (Subject Access Request), make a change to any data we hold on you, or request removal of your data please contact us.

Friends subscriptions

At the current time subscriptions are not processed online.

The Rollright Trust only collects such information as is necessary to service you as a Friend of the Trust.

You will always know what information is being collected, the purpose of it being collected and have our assurance that the information will only be obtained with your informed consent.

The Rollright Trust will only use the information you have supplied in order to provide you with services, perform authorised financial transactions with you, and keep you informed of new products and services.

The Rollright Trust does not sell, share, or supply your personal information to any third party except as agreed by you in advance or as required by government and regulatory authorities.


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