The Rollright Stones: Ownership and Care

The Rollright Stones are privately owned and managed.  The Whispering Knights burial chamber and the King's Men stone circle are owned by the Rollright Trust while the King Stone is owned by the neighbouring farm across the road, Haine Farmers.

The Stones have always been in private ownership but were included as a nationally important monument in the schedule of the first Ancient Monuments act in 1882, which allowed them to be taken into State protection. Thus the guardianship of the King’s Men and the Whispering Knights were transferred to the Commissioners of Works in 1883 followed by the King Stone in 1894. Today the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England acts as the Guardian of the Stones on behalf of the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, and in 2014 devolved their management role for guardianship monuments to the English Heritage Trust. In practical terms this means English Heritage takes responsibility for repairing damage to the Stones or the railings while the Rollright Trust undertakes normal day-to-day management, maintenance and presentation. 

The Rollright Trust

The Rollright Trust Ltd. was established in 1997 when Pauline Flick, who had owned the Stones for 27 years, sold them to private buyers when her health deteriorated. The Trust then purchased the Stones in 2001.

The Trust is a Registered Charity (No.1068450) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (No. 03464303). 
The Objectives of the Rollright Trust are:

  • to protect and conserve the Rollright Stones and their environment in a manner that promotes their long term physical preservation for the benefit of the public
  • to facilitate and promote research and educational activities relating to the Rollright Stones and their environment
  • to promote the conservation of megalithic and other sites and monuments and of their environment and to facilitate and promote research and educational activities relating to such sites and monuments and their environment

The Trust is run by a Board of Trustees who are also the Directors of the Company (see below). 

To support the work of the Trust you can make a practical difference: 


Dr Aubrey Burl
Doyen of stone circle studies

Sir Mark Rylance
Internationally acclaimed actor and director


George Lambrick
Chairman and one of the founder Trustees.

Amby Hitchcock
Treasurer, Company Secretary and Friends administrator

Gill Hey
Honorary Secretary

David Shirt
One of the founder Trustees

Robin Smitten
Friends newsletter editor and astronomer in residence.

Ron Dudley-Smith
Regular warden, site maintenance and dowser in residence

Sara Withey
Regular warden and holder of pop-up tea parties

Maz Harper
Regular warden, volunteers co-ordinator