The Rollright Stones present an excellent resource for education at all levels.

Primary schools

Perfectly complementing the recently introduced KS2 ‘Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age’, a visit to the Rollright Stones provides an excellent introduction to prehistoric monuments of different periods and what their purpose may have been.  A varied programme of activities has been developed including:

  • A rope timeline that children create by adding dates and photos showing Rollright and World history.
  • A stone-moving activity using sledges, levers and rollers – excellent for developing team work as well as leading into practical science.
  • Counting the stones in the King’s Men stone circle – efforts of both pupils and teachers have statistically shown them to be uncountable!
  • Other activities include measuring, drawing and painting, music and role-play.

Some schools like to adapt these activities with the help of the Rollright Trust;  others prefer to create their own activities.  The Trust is very happy to work in conjunction with teachers to come up with a programme suited to their particular needs. We advise that teachers pre-visit the site and study the information available about the Stones.

Booking a school visit

As a registered charity that promotes education, the Trust makes no charge for school parties. But we DO require that school groups BOOK IN ADVANCE to ensure that school visits do not clash with other events; that detailed activities can be discussed; and health and safety, insurance and logistical issues are agreed.

If you would like to book a visit for your school please send us an email via the Contact page at least 3 weeks before your visit.

When seeking a booking, please be aware that the Trust has no permanent staff or permanent presence at the Stones, nor are there any facilities at the site. The Trust operates on a purely voluntary basis. Depending on the date, we will try to ensure that someone from the Trust will be available to help, but we cannot offer this as an automatic standard service. 


The Stones are very well suited to family visits, and while not all our more formal educational activities are not available to all, some are and there are also other things families can do together.

Examples include:

  • Counting the Stones
  • Find the entrance of the stone circle 
  • Bring a drawing pad crayons and a paint box to draw the stones
  • Sing the Rollright Chant 
  • Listen to the Rollright legend
  • See how many different plants you can find growing ON the Stones (please do not remove or pick them!)

For more details and suggestions, please download our Family Activities pack from the Downloads section below.

Family Activities (pdf 163KB)

Secondary and Higher education

There is plenty of scope to use the Rollright Stones as a cross-curricular study site covering topics such as prehistory, history, geography, maths, science, ecology and other topics.  Should such a visit be required the Trust would be happy to work with schools to develop appropriate activities.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students have contributed to the Trust’s work through their various dissertations and theses.  We encourage students to undertake new research into different aspects of the Rollright complex:  how it has been interpreted, how people use and value the site today, and aspects of how the site is managed for public benefit. 

In the past Masters’ dissertations have included:

  • Research into how archaeological interpretation of megalithic monuments has evolved
  • Approaches and practicalities of managing ancient monuments
  • Visitor profiles, reactions and interests
  • A film about Saxon reuse of prehistoric monuments in the Cotswolds
  • The potential for using an app as a means of  providing a digital guide to the site
  • A new short drama based on some of the Rollright legends.

Several of these dissertations can be found in the Articles section.