Private events policy

A Handfasting ceremony taking place inside the King's Men

The Rollright Trust allows the Stones to be booked for privately organised events, filming and commercial photgraphy, for all of which a fee is payable. In addition it can be booked for educational visits for which no charge is made. 

The Trust may also on occasion waive fees, or actively support privately organised events if they appear to further the charitable objects of the Trust and are in the public interest or open to the public. Such decisions are entirely at the discretion of the Trustees and are made on a case by case basis.  

Examples of privately organised uses

  • Personal ceremonies such as namings, birthdays, handfastings, weddings (we are not licensed for formal marriage ceremonies)
  • Religious use and seasonal celebrations to mark pagan festivals
  • Cultural events such as drama productions, art or sculpture, and musical events
  • Astronomy and related stargazing events (see Things to do).
  • Filming of TV interviews, documentaries, drama etc
  • Photography for commercial purposes
  • School and college educational events (see Learning page).

The following principles apply to all bookings:

  • Private celebratory and religious events will normally not be allowed at the busiest times of day, especially summer weekends and bank holidays 
  • Depending on the nature of the booking, the time allowed for events will be expected to minmimise intrusion on the enjoyment of other visitors 
  • The site is generally open to the public and while participation in events may be private, the public cannot normally be excluded from visiting the site and quietly observing activities 
  • All activities must respect the fabric and amenity of the site and not unduly impede its enjoyment by others
  • Preference is given to activities that use the site in ways that are very broadly in keeping with or celebrate its special character; purely political and commercial events will not normally be considered
  • Because car parking is restricted, extra arrangements and fees will apply.

All privately organised events and activities of the kinds noted above may only proceed with the consent of the Trustees. While we will endeavour to accommodate suitable privately organised events and activities of the kinds noted above, the Trust reserves the right to decline any application for an event without giving a reason. All bookings must be made in advance, normally at least two weeks but longer for more complex events or activities. All users will be required to adhere to the standard terms and conditions including health and safety precautions. The Trust charges a standard rate for the majority of bookings. These increase based on the complexity of the event and the numbers involved.

Making a booking

To request a booking contact us by email via the Contact page, ensuring that you select the relevant subject option, and outlining your interest and requirements.